Belhus Park, Thurrock: Report on Analytical Earthwork, Uav and Geophysical Surveys, March 2021

Author(s): Matthew Bristow, Neil Linford, Sarah Newsome, Andy Payne

Analytic earthwork, Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys were conducted at Belhus Park, Thurrock to assist the ‘People of the Fanns’ volunteer project, researching the former Tudor mansion and gardens that once stood on the site, now used as a municipal golf course. The analytic earthwork survey recorded a circular topographic anomaly found on the fairway immediately south west of the manor house ruins, possibly the location of a water garden feature depicted in a painting of Belhus House and Park of around 1710. Digital photography captured by the UAV survey covered an extensive area of the park and was used to generate high resolution digital terrain models through Structure from Motion (SfM). The very high ground resolution of the SfM data has allowed many subtle topographic details across the park land to be identified, together with subsequent second World War activity and the current golf course operations. GPR survey (2.45ha) was conducted in the vicinity of the manor house to complement the ground and UAV survey techniques and confirmed the survival of paths and walls related to the water garden, together with anomalies associated with the original manor house, gardens and a possible gate house.

Report Number:
Research Report
Gardens, Parks and Urban Spaces Ground Penetrating Radar Medieval Modern Post Medieval Survey Aerial Photograph Interpretation Aerial Photography Earthwork


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