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Section of NMP mapping © Historic England
Section of NMP mapping © Historic England

Reports and Updates on HIAS Initiatives

The Heritage Information Access Strategy (HIAS) is a programme of interlinked projects designed to simplify and improve public access to heritage data held or generated by Historic England, by Local Authority Historic Environment Records and by other bodies. On this page you can find a range of reports and related information about initiatives undertaken.

HIAS consultation survey

During March 2016 we asked for feedback on:

  • the principles which form the HIAS vision, and
  • proposals for the HIAS programme so far.

Many thanks for your input, we have now evaluated the responses and produced two reports available below. The Overview of Responses gives an executive summary of key results for the main topics covered in the consultation. The Consultation Feedback Report goes into more detail and provides results and feedback for each of the questions in the consultation.

HIAS Consultation Reports

HIAS phase 2 work packages

For Phase 2 of the HIAS programme a set of nine work packages have defined the ‘To Be’ processes and the requirements for future systems developments. Some of the work packages included projects funded through the Heritage Protection Commissions Programme. The nine work packages are listed below with the respective leaders for each. For more general information about the Heritage Information Access Strategy please contact Keith May.

  1. Roles and Responsibilities - Gillian Grayson and Barney Sloane
  2. Historic Environment Records - Ben Wallace (Chair ALGAO-UK HER Committee)
  3. Collecting and validating data - Tim Evans (Archaeology Data Service)
  4. National Security Copy - Martin Newman
  5. Marine HER/Pastscape/AMIE - Martin Newman
  6. Heritage Gateway - Gillian Grayson
  7. Data Sharing and Rights - Keith May
  8. Communication and Engagement - Keith May
  9. Phase Two Completion/ Plan Phase Three - Sarah Poppy

Phase 2 of the HIAS programme has now completed and the end of Phase 2 completion report which sets out key outcomes and recommendations from Phase 2, along with initial plans for the next phase, is now available below, along with the work package reports for Phase 2.

Report on business process mapping

This project commissioned in 2015 provided the HIAS programme and advisory board with an analysis of how current Historic England processes and data flows interface both internally and with key external systems and processes.

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