Research and the English Heritage Trust

Historic England supports the work of the English Heritage Trust by providing a variety of research techniques and services to support conservation, improvement and presentation  of the English Heritage National Collection. The main aims of this work are to:

  • Provide a better understanding of the significance of English Heritage properties that may be subject to change through repair or the development of new visitor facilities
  • Provide new information and illustrative material that will contribute to the understanding and presentation of English Heritage sites

The scale of our work varies enormously from providing new photography or  to multi-disciplinary projects involving experts from across Historic England at sites such as:

  • Chester Amphitheatre
  • Chiswick House
  • Wrest Park and
  • Whitby Abbey
  • Piles of soil next to excavated trenches on the cliffs edge with the sea in the background

    Whitby Abbey

    Historic England’s 21 years of archaeological research has revolutionised understanding of Whitby Headland’s history through time

  • Aerial photograph the foundations of the amphitheatre

    Chester Amphitheatre

    The Chester Amphitheatre Project established a better understanding of the Roman Amphitheatre and it influence on the urban environment around it

  • Engraving showing the tree-lined path leading up to the front of Chiswick House

    Chiswick House

    The Chiswick House and Gardens Regeneration Project was developed to restore and revive the gardens and parkland at Chiswick

  • Large house in the background with a designed garden in the foreground

    Wrest Park, Bedfordshire

    At Wrest Park we combined a variety of survey, landscape analysis and excavation to study the landscape of the house, park and surrounding area

  • Aerial photograph showing an excavated strip of field at the top of a river cliff at Birdoswald Roman cemetery

    Birdoswald Cemetery Excavation

    The Birdoswald urn project investigated Roman funerary practices and conserved urns for a new display at Birdoswald Roman Fort

  • Detail of an early 18th century plan for the pleasure gardens.

    Hidden Gardens at Marble Hill

    During 2017, archaeologists at Marble Hill House uncovered hidden landscape gardens, loved by Henrietta Howard, mistress to George II

  • Detail of historic wallpaper with a floral pattern.

    Arsenic in Historic Wallpapers

    Find out about a project to identify arsenic in historic wallpapers so that they can be stored and accessed safely.


Brian Kerr

Head of Intervention and Analysis

Fort Cumberland,
Fort Cumberland Road,
P04 9LD

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