Engraving showing the tree-lined path leading up to the front of Chiswick House

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CHISWICK HOUSE "Principal front". Aquatint colour engraving dated 1823. MAYSON BEETON COLLECTION: 72T_CHI_1823(a)_S N110155 © Historic England

Chiswick House and Gardens Restoration Project

A major project to restore and revive the gardens and parkland at Chiswick House and to improve the presentation, historic interpretation and visitor facilities took place between 2005 and 2010. As part of the development our archaeologists undertook targeted excavation ahead of  the construction of a new café and visitor centre.

Archaeological research & recording

Following completion of the on-site works at Chiswick, Historic England’s archaeological specialists have been engaged in analysing the data and studying the finds and samples recovered from the 2005-2010 excavations.

We have also had an opportunity to examine records of earlier archaeological excavations undertaken on the estate, in particular the excavations carried out by a team from the Museum of London in 1982-83.

Excavated trenches in the foreground with Chiswick House in the background
Chiswick House excavations © Historic England

Understanding the history of the Chiswick Estate

These works have allowed us to build up a picture of how the Chiswick estate developed from a manor house with a relatively small garden and orchard in the early 1600s through to Lord Burlington’s re-creation of a classical estate and villa in the 1700s and after considerable rebuilding and modifications, to the house and park that exists today. Work on a publication detailing the archaeological project is well advanced.

Project partners

The Chiswick House and Gardens Regeneration Project has been funded from a variety of sources, including:

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