Burgh Castle, Burgh Castle, Norfolk

Burgh Castle, Burgh Castle, Norfolk
Photograph taken 13 August 2000 © Mr Nigel Gallant LRPS. Source Historic England Archive ref: 227750

These are the ruined walls of Burgh Castle. They are all that remains of the Roman fort (Gariannonum) built on the site. It was probably built in 260-280 AD and evacuated in c407-8. A monastic settlement was then established here by Fursa in c630. In the 11th and 12th centuries a Norman motte and bailey castle existed on the site. In 1770 the mound of the castle, known as the motte, was partly removed and in 1839 it was completely levelled. The site is now in the care of Norfolk Archaeological Trust and English Heritage (2010)but managed by Norfolk Archaeological Trust.


Norfolk Burgh Castle


Roman (43 - 409)


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