Schoolchildren and teachers filming outside a church.
Bluecoat Primary School children filming on location in Stamford for a Heritage Schools project
Bluecoat Primary School children filming on location in Stamford for a Heritage Schools project

What Teachers Say about Heritage Schools

Find out what teachers told us about the impact of our Heritage Schools training and read case studies to inspire your teaching.

The Heritage Schools 2018 -2019 Evaluation Report illustrates how our award-winning programme develops teachers' skills and confidence in using local heritage in their teaching. It explains how learning about local history engages pupils and improves their skills.

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What teachers say about our training

  • 97% have a greater understanding of the value of using local heritage in the curriculum
  • 94% have developed skills they will use in their teaching

What teachers say about the impact on pupils

  • 99% agreed learning about local heritage improved pupils’ sense of place
  • 97% agreed learning about local heritage improved pupils' sense of pride

What teachers say about being part of the programme

  • 98% have an increased knowledge of the heritage and cultural offer in their local area
  • 98% are more likely to make use of local services and resources linked to heritage

…I believe very strongly that local heritage should be part of a school’s curriculum: it’s more meaningful for the children, there are those genuine links and especially in our area there is that pride of where you have come from and a big sense of identity.

Deputy Headteacher, West Midlands

What our heritage partners say about Heritage Schools

  • 100% would recommend participation in the programme to schools and heritage/cultural partners
  • 92% say school teachers are more aware of their services/offer

Full report and case studies

The full report contains results from teacher surveys and case studies of individual school and heritage partner projects. It shows that Heritage Schools has been successful with a variety of schools in different areas of the country. The interviews highlight the impact of the programme on student teachers’ and pupils' learning and engagement. The case studies describe local heritage projects from each region of the country. They show how schools have used local heritage to inspire learning across the curriculum.

Each case study can be downloaded here:

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