Schoolchildren and teachers filming outside a church.
Bluecoat Primary School children filming on location in Stamford for a Heritage Schools project
Bluecoat Primary School children filming on location in Stamford for a Heritage Schools project

What Teachers Say about Heritage Schools

Find out about the impact Heritage Schools has on teachers, pupils, and the communities they live in, to increase a sense of place and local pride.

The Heritage Schools programme has been delivered since 2012; supporting schools to use the heritage on their doorstep to enrich the curriculum and engage children in the history of where they live and its significance.

Impact study

To mark its tenth year, we commissioned BMG Research to produce a study of its impact. They reviewed the annual evaluation reports, conducted by Qa Research, and interviewed key stakeholders who have participated in the programme. The study found that embedding local heritage has a significantly positive impact, notably in the following areas:

  • Increasing access to heritage and cultural engagement for pupils, especially those living in Levelling Up areas of the country and areas where social mobility is low
  • Positively impacting well-being through an increased sense of place, belonging and civic pride for pupils, teachers and the community
  • Improving the quality of teaching and curriculum design for teachers and trainee teachers
  • Improving the quality of learning outcomes and engagement across a variety of curriculum subjects for pupils, who are inspired by the heritage on their doorstep and its significance locally, nationally and globally

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Annual evaluation report

Find out what teachers told us about the impact of our Heritage Schools training and read case studies to inspire your teaching.

The Heritage Schools 2021 -2022 Evaluation Report illustrates how our award-winning programme develops teachers' skills and confidence in using local heritage in their teaching. It explains how learning about local history engages pupils and improves their skills.

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What teachers say about our training

  • 98% have a greater understanding of the value of using local heritage in the curriculum
  • 96% have developed skills they will use in their teaching

What teachers say about the impact on pupils

  • 99% agreed learning about local heritage improved pupils’ sense of place
  • 98% agreed learning about local heritage improved pupils' sense of pride

I realised those areas also had some historic meaning and that really just enlightened me about our city. It made me proud and happy that I live here, that it isn't as dull as I thought … it just really amazed me how there's so much history, stuffed everywhere

Year 8 scholar, Leicester

What teachers say about being part of the programme

  • 96% of teachers say they are more aware of where to access useful resources
  • 97% of teachers say they have a greater understanding of how to embed local heritage into the curriculum

It's raised my awareness massively, how we can use heritage throughout the school. All the different teaching ideas have been really useful. The maps have been a wonderful, they'll be used in geography, history, maths, we can use those across the curriculum…

Teacher, Yorkshire

Full report and case studies

The full report contains results from teacher surveys and case studies of individual schools and heritage partner projects. It shows that Heritage Schools has been successful with a variety of schools in different areas of the country. The interviews highlight the impact of the programme on student teachers’ and pupils' learning and engagement. The case studies describe local heritage projects from different regions of the country. They show how schools have used local heritage to inspire learning across the curriculum.

Each case study can be downloaded here: