What can the Bradford City Heritage Trail tell us about the history and importance of Bradford?

This resource will help pupils discover more about some of Bradford’s most historic buildings and place them in their local and regional and context.


Teaching idea

By following the Bradford City Heritage Trail, either on the ground or online, pupils will discover some of the town’s most important historic buildings. They will then have to choose a favourite building, explaining its significance to Bradford and why they chose it.

The cut-out models of the buildings can then be used by pupils to create a display to show others what they have learnt about the town.

There is then the option for pupils to reflect on their choices, having found out even more about the history of the town by exploring its local and regional significance through the ‘A short History of Bradford’ PowerPoint.

Learning aims and outcomes

  • To develop our local history skills by using buildings as historical evidence to find out about our area in the past
  • To develop our geography skills by using maps to find out about our area in the past
  • To investigate why key historical sites in our local area are important

Prior knowledge

  • No prior knowledge is required