Using buildings to tell Salford’s story

This resource will help pupils discover more about some of the historic buildings around Islington Mill and Chapel Street in Salford. Pupils will explore the local cultural, social and industrial heritage of the area.


Teaching ideas

By following this heritage trail around Chapel Street in Salford pupils will discover some of this area’s most important historic buildings and sites. At each stop on the trail, there are suggested “do now” activities to help pupils observe and consider the historical significance of the building or site.

In the classroom, pupils will use the PPT and/or the StoryMap to revisit the buildings and sites on the trail. For each building or site, there are suggested “do in the classroom” activities, to allow pupils to more closely investigate the events, people or themes uncovered in the trail. There are also suggested “do later” activities, which pupils may like to do outside of school with their families.

Learning aims and outcomes

  • To know more about the built environment and how it relates to the heritage and story of a place.
  • To raise awareness of Salford’s industrial and cultural heritage.
  • To investigate why key historical sites in a local area are important.
  • To encourage the use of local maps, plans and historical evidence to find out about an area in the past.

Prior knowledge

  • No prior knowledge is required