Teaching LGBTQ at KS3

Teaching LGBTQ at KS3 can be challenging, but also very rewarding. These tried and tested resources can be used to teach about LGBTQ through history, drama and PSHE. They are an exploration of LGBTQ history which allows young people to explore the issues of sexuality, identity, the law and its place in British history. They were developed as part of Historic England’s ‘Pride of Place’ project to uncover the untold LGBTQ histories of buildings and places people have lived alongside for generations.

Teaching activities

There are many activities in the downloadable pdfs including ones which focus on:

  • Terms - developing a greater understanding of the terms around sexuality and gender and understanding of the complexity and sensitivity of the language
  • Roman Britain - understanding that different times and cultures have been more or less accepting of a range of sexuality and gender identification starting to build a picture of LGBTQ history and its place on the map of England
  • Law and Punishment in British History - learning about the law and punishments associated with LGBTQ history and developing an understanding of why some histories are easier to discover than others
  • Is This Discrimination? - learning to articulate their reasoning and demonstrate some understanding of transgender, mental health and racism and demonstrating their understanding of how prejudice operates
  • Drama - an opportunity to develop documentary drama skills. A script has been created from a real account of the police raid on The Temperance Hall Cross Dressing Ball, Hulme, Manchester, 24 September 1880.

Learning aims and outcomes

  • Developing some understanding of LGBTQ history
  • Giving value to a hidden history for a group that is often not acknowledged in school
  • Working collaboratively in a supportive way
  • Reflection
  • Developing British values such as respect, tolerance and an understanding of modern law