View to St Mary Magdalene's Church in Lincoln.

St Mary Magdalene's Church on Bailgate and Exchequergate, Lincoln, from the south-west. © Historic England DP110495.
St Mary Magdalene's Church on Bailgate and Exchequergate, Lincoln, from the south-west. © Historic England DP110495.

National Capacity Building Programme

The National Capacity Building (NCB) Programme forms part of Historic England’s funding for activities and projects which are national in coverage and that strengthen the ability of the sector to reduce or avoid risk to the historic environment.

We focus our support on work which promotes the conservation, understanding and sustainable management and development of the historic environment.

We aim to ensure that those eligible activities and projects for which there is a lack of alternative sources of funding are our highest priorities for support.

Targets for support

  • National-level projects and activities that champion, support and enable third-sector organisations and voluntary groups, to reduce heritage at risk and sustainably manage heritage assets by engaging more effectively in the historic environment;
  • Support for statutory consultees to provide advice to local authorities to achieve the sustainable management of change in the historic environment;
  • Projects which enable national third-sector organisations to reduce their reliance on public funding and to increase their effectiveness in their work with the historic environment.

Applications must refer to the Historic England Corporate Plan, and identify how they will align with our strategic objectives and activities, and in particular, how they will meet the outcomes of the real-world impacts and specified outcomes of the logic model. Applications will also be assessed against the Historic England Public Value Framework and it is advised that applicants consult this when submitting an application. If your activity or project is local/regional in scope, please look at our regional capacity building grants programme.

How to apply

The 2020/21 NCB programme will open for applications on 30 September and funding will begin on 1 April 2020, for projects running for a maximum of one year.

Funding for 2021/22 onwards will depend on an internal review of the National Building Capacity grants programme.

The deadline for receipt of applications is midnight on 10 November 2019.

Application forms and guidance notes can be obtained by emailing [email protected]. Completed application forms must be sent to this address.

An indicative timetable for the application process is given below:

  • 30 September - call for applications open
  • 10 November - window closes for applications
  • Early January - applicants advised of decisions
  • Mid-late February – formal offer letters and documents issued

If you would like to discuss a potential grant project for funding before submitting an application please contact:

Beki Burns, Project Officer (Capacity Building Grants), on 07824519678 or email [email protected]


Sheena Charrett, Project Co-ordinator, on 07818 422119 or email [email protected]

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