Atomic bomb store on Thetford Heath, Barnham

Atomic bomb store on Thetford Heath, Barnham, Suffolk IP24 2PH View on map

Atomic bomb store, built between 1952 and 1955 to store and maintain weapons. The store closed in 1963 and since 1965 has been used as a light industrial estate. The plan form of the Bomb Store remains intact and the majority of the buildings survive, and are generally little altered. The main storage compound is pentagonal in plan and covers an area of around 9 hectares. It is enclosed by a double fence with a patrol path between and observation towers set at the angles. An outer fenced enclosure contains various ancillary buildings and structures, mainly concerned with site security. The watch towers were constructed in 1959.

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4 miles south of Thetford between Barnham and Elveden. Rail Thetford, 4 miles

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