Banqueting House, Barlborough Hall School

Banqueting House, Barlborough Hall School, Ward Lane, Barlborough, Derbyshire S43 4TJ View on map

Built in 1583/4, it is GI listed with a number of associated GII buildings. Attributed to Elizabethan architect Robert Smythson, it is one of a series of large houses built in the area. It is set within landscaped gardens and parkland, with stables, Brewhouse, Washhouse and Banqueting House. The hall is square in plan, compact, and originally built with a small central courtyard. Tall with generous fenestration, projecting bay windows form turrets the full height of the building. A number of small interconnected basement rooms exist. It is approached via a drive of a mature lime trees, which are believed to have been planted in the late seventeenth century. The basic room layout remains relatively constant since it was built, although the main courtyard was over-roofed in the early nineteenth century when the main entrance was re-orientated to the ease façade. The Hall became a preparatory school in 1939.

Opening Arrangements

We do not require properties to provide the usual level of public access in 2021. However we would encourage properties to open to the public in line with Government Guidance if they are able to do so.