Bawdsey Transmitter Block, Bawdsey Manor Estate

Bawdsey Transmitter Block, Bawdsey Manor Estate, Bawdsey, Suffolk IP12 3AZ View on map

Built in 1937 on the Quilter estate, which was subsequently requisitioned by the RAF prior to the outbreak of WWII. Bawdsey manor was chosen as the site for this experimental work into RADAR and its application to air defences, headed by Robert Watson-Watt. When it was handed over to the RAF in May 1937 it was the first operational radar station in the world, and the prototype developed here formed the model for the ‘chain home’ system of RADAR defence which underpinned victory in the crucial Battle of Britain in summer 1940.


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    Bawdsey Radar Trust
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    Ms Lynette Burgess

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