E Magazine, Priddy's Hard

E Magazine, Priddy's Hard, Gosport

E Magazine was constructed in 1878-1879 for the bulk storage of gunpowder following the 1875 Magazine Committee's recommendations that it be stored away from the centre of the Priddy’s Hard site when C Magazine on the same site became too small for the purpose. The building was connected to a new Powder Pier (designed in 1876) by a tramroad. By 1913 it had been converted into a cordite magazine. E Magazine, and the surrounding walls are Grade 2 listed. Following a period of vacancy, E Magazine was restored with support from Historic England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund and is now home to the Powder Monkey Brewing Company.

Opening Arrangements

Access to E Magazine is by prior arrangement. Full brewery tours are available on Saturdays 1pm-2:30pm. Pre-booking is required. Adults only. Prices start at £20. Building access alone is free of charge. Prior arrangement is required. Notice of 2-3 days in needed.

Admission Charges

  • Adult: No charge to view building – From £20 for brewery tour experience
  • Child: -

Parking Spaces


Parking is free