Hall Close, A Medieval and post Medieval Hall Complex

Hall Close, A Medieval and post Medieval Hall Complex, Haddington Dovecote, Haddington, Lincolnshire LN5 9EF

Is a scheduled monument (NM22771- Hall Close: a medieval and post medieval hall complex south of dovecote Lane, with dovecote, gardens, fishponds, churchyard and cultivation remains) and as such is national archaeological importance. It is thought to be fifteenth century in date and probably the oldest example of its kind in Lincolnshire. The dovecote is constructed of limestone rubble with sandstone and limestone ashlar quoins bonded in what appears to be an unstable subsoil mortar. The roof of the dovecote had long since disappeared. English Heritage supported the reinstatement of a roof in order to protect the building from the elements. Natural England supported the complete restoration of the main structure.

Opening Arrangements

Access to dovecote is not restricted. Available to view at any time.

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