Measham Baptist Church, Chapel Street

Measham Baptist Church, Chapel Street, Measham, Leicestershire DE12 7JD

Built in 1841, early Victorian typical middle-sized Baptist Chapel. Comprises of original Sanctuary with open gallery plus additional rooms added over the years, all to the rear of the original building.

Opening Arrangements

Sat 13th January, 10am-2pm; Sat 20th January, 10am-2pm; Wed 13th March, 10am-2pm; Sat 30th March, 8am-12pm; Wed 10th April, 10am-2pm; Sat 27th April, 8am-12pm; Wed 8th May, 10am-2pm; Sat 25th May, 8am-12pm; Wed 12th June, 10am-2pm; Sat 29th June, 8am-12pm; Wed 10th July, 10am-2pm; Sat 31st August, 8am-12pm; Wed 11th September, 10am-2pm; Wed 28th September, 8am-12pm; Wed 9th October, 10am-2pm; Sat 26th October, 8am-12pm. Every Friday from March to September, 8:30am-10:30am. All these dates and times will be displayed on the noticeboard at the front of the building.

Parking Spaces


Parking to rear, but steep driveway.