Park Wall and Steps at Hinchingbrooke School, Brampton Road

Park Wall and Steps at Hinchingbrooke School, Brampton Road, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE29 3BN

Hinchingbrooke House stands on the site of an Augustinian Nunnery, suppressed in 1538 and largely rebuilt and extended by the Cromwell’s by 1627. The Park Wall was constructed in 1663-4 by the first Earl of Sandwich, Edward Montagu. It runs on a north-south axis along Brampton Road for 125m before turning west for a further 166m. Pepys steps are located directly west of the wall and provide access from the lower terrace to the upper, which runs adjacent to the C17-C18 wall, and were mostly likely commissioned by the Earl when he designed the garden in the mid-1660s (the steps may also contain some C18 fabric).

Opening Arrangements

Due to Hinchingbrooke house being an educational establishment we only open to the public during the summer holidays, the house tours are only from 10am-4pm every Sunday during July and August

Admission Charges

  • Adult: £5,00
  • Child: £5,00
  • Other Charges: Concessions £4

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