St Peter's Church, Church Road, Blaxhall, Suffolk

St Peter's Church, Church Road, Blaxhall, Suffolk IP12 2DP

The church reflects the varied architectural history and religious atmospheres that have prevailed during the centuries of its existence. The church is one of many in Suffolk that are dedicated to St Peter, who with St Paul were the two most important leaders of Christianity in its early days. Saint Peter is such a popular choice because he held the keys to the gates of Heaven and is always shown doing so. It is situated in a peaceful, rural setting about 1 mile to the west of the village. According to local tradition the original settlement near the church was devastated by the Black Death and abandoned. After the pestilence had subsided many of the inhabitants settled on the site of the present village, well away from the former site.

Opening Arrangements

The church is open every day in daylight but please let us know you are coming

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