The Gatehouse Lodges and Gatepiers, Drakeholes

The Gatehouse Lodges and Gatepiers, Drakeholes, Nottinghamshire DN10 5DF

The former Gatehouses (circa 1770) were once the entrance to Wiseton Hall which stands approximately 1 mile away in the village of Wiseton. These were once used as living accommodation for the gate keeper and his wife who lived in the south lodge and slept in the north as they are only 13 sq. ft. internally. Prior to their recent renovation the Gatehouse and gate piers were on the Heritage at Risk Register. The north portico was renovated but the south portico has previously collapsed and as such the renovated foundation plinth is all that remains. The Gatehouse interiors remain un-renovated and are not available for public viewing.

Opening Arrangements

The north, south and west elevations can be viewed at all times from the public highway running close to the site. Due to the location of the site being above Drakeholes Tunnel (on the Chesterfield Canal), the site is close to steep embankments and open water. For permission to view the exterior in more detail please call Mr Deakin on 07970823574 to make arrangements.

Parking Spaces


For safety reasons visitors are asked not to park in front of the Gatehouses