Tower on the Moor, The Broadway

Tower on the Moor, The Broadway, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire LN10 6PU

The brick structure known as the Tower on the Moor is the standing remains of a medieval fortified hunting lodge, comprising its stair turret and a small section of adjacent walling. The tower is about 20 meters high and 3.5 meters in diameter. Excavation of buried remains in 1969 showed that the building was approximately 9 meters squared with the octagonal stair tower projecting from the north west corner. The building appears to have been an architectural precursor to the nearby and better preserved Hussey Tower and Rochford Tower in Boston, Lincolnshire. It is thought to have been constructed for Ralph Lord Cornwall of nearby Tattershall Castle, sometime between 1440 and 1456.

Opening Arrangements

10 guided tours are arranged for 2023 on the following dates: 6th February, 6th March, 3rd April, 2nd May, 12th June, 3rd July, 7th August, 4th September, 2nd October and 6th November. They are guided tours as the site is landlocked - there is a 15 minute walk from the Golf Club Car Park.

Parking Spaces


Park in Main Car Park - escorted walk to the Tower across the golf course