General view of the Spurn Lightship with Holy Trinity beyond

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Marina, Castle St, Hull. General view of the Spurn Lightship with Holy Trinity beyond © Historic England DP174268

Hull Old Town Heritage Action Zone

Making heritage a key part of this city’s regeneration.

Crowned the UK City of Culture 2017, Hull is undergoing something of a rebirth. The effects of regeneration can be seen all around the City - from the redevelopment of the eclectic Fruit Market on the marina to the creation of the Cultural Quarter in the Old Town, which is home to tech start-ups. People from different sectors are coming together to attract investment and bolster the local economy.

Detail of west elevation, view from north west of The Deep
The Deep, Tower Street, Hull © Historic England DP174279

Hull has rich foundations. Its maritime heritage dates back to the late 12th Century. Monks needed a port from which to export their wool and built a quay. The local economy was built on fishing, but the industry slowly disappeared in the 1960s and '70s and the effects rippled through the Medieval City. The pain was felt most acutely by those living in the poorer communities. People were moved to the outskirts of the City where social problems including unemployment and poverty became - and remain to this day - concentrated.

The Old Town is Hull's historical centre and where this Heritage Action Zone sits. The area has been inhabited for more than 700 years and is home to 40% of Hull's listed buildings. The Fruit Market area of the Old Town has a clear purpose and is beginning to fill with restaurants, cafes and buzz with cultural events. But other parts of the Old Town risk being left behind.

Hull waterfront
Hull waterfront

How the Heritage Action Zone will help

The Heritage Action Zone aims to bring the Old Town back to life by:

  • Working with residents and businesses to develop a vision for the area as a place to live, work and visit
  • Helping to transform and find new uses for historic buildings
  • Providing residential developers with support, funding and guidance to improve the availability, quality and affordability of housing in the area
  • Strengthening links to the waterfront, city centre and museum quarter, drawing on Hull's maritime heritage
General view across Hull Marina, view from south east
Former Warehouse (Al Porto Restaurant) 13 Kingston St, Hull © Historic England DP174272

Hull Old Town HAZ partners

  • Historic England
  • Hull City Council

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