Riverside view of modern buildings under construction.
Riverside developments, York/Lombard Roads, Battersea, London. © Historic England DP148972
Riverside developments, York/Lombard Roads, Battersea, London. © Historic England DP148972

Prices for the Enhanced Advisory Services

Our charging arrangements

We charge full cost recovery for our Enhanced Advisory Services (EAS). This means that you will be invoiced for the costs attributable to your case, and no more.

We do not make a profit, but full cost recovery ensures that the provision of enhanced services is not cross-subsidised by taxpayer funding. Full cost recovery involves the cost of our staff time spent on your case (including travel and administration time), the addition of overheads, and any other direct non-staff costs incurred in the delivery of the service.

We operate a standard hourly rate of £100 for all Enhanced Advisory Services (excluding VAT) which will be reviewed annually each April.

Please be aware that all price estimates in relation to these services are provided exclusive of VAT.

Estimating the price

For each EAS service, we will provide a cost estimate based on our initial assessment of the complexity of your case and the staff time required.

Fast-track Listing and Listing Enhancement cases are usually estimated between £2,000 and £6,000, depending on the complexity of the case, with the average cost of around £3,000. Price estimates for Extended Pre-Application Advice will be entirely dependent on the length of our involvement, and for Screening for Potential Listing, the size and complexity of the case. Please contact us for a bespoke price estimate.

Please be aware, we may exempt some cases from charges where sites are included on a published Heritage at Risk Register (either Historic England or local authority registers) and, in our judgement, proposals address the conservation needs of the asset.

Your case will be completed by the most appropriate member of our staff, taking into account the complexity of your case, geographical location, areas of expertise and other workloads. You are not able to negotiate which members of staff are involved.

For each case, there will be an initial payment of £450 (excluding VAT), required before work commences, towards the cost of delivery of the service. This will be included in the cost estimate. Where the total cost of advice is estimated at less than £450 full payment will be required prior to work commencing. In some circumstances, such as where new information arises during our work on the case, we may need to spend further time than we have allowed for in the estimate. When this is the case, we will advise you before commencing additional work. This is detailed in our terms and conditions.

Please note the final invoice amount payable will depend on the actual time spent on each case and will not be confirmed until you receive the final invoice from us on completion of the work.

Placing an order

When you request an enhanced advisory service, we will send you an order form, which will include a price estimate for your case and terms and conditions.

Once you have filled in and returned the order form, with a covering note confirming your agreement to our estimated price, we will confirm receipt and raise the invoice for initial payment. Once this is received, we will begin work on your case.

  • For Fast-track Listing and Listing Enhancement, applications should be made using our online listing application form. When prompted, please select the enhanced service option that you require.
  • For Extended Pre-application advice, you will be offered further engagement on existing pre-application work as appropriate. For all pre-application advice please contact your local office.
  • For Screening for Potential Listing Service, please email us for further information.

We will record all the chargeable time (including administration and travel time) spent on your case.

On completion of the work, we will then invoice based on the chargeable time spent on your case, including travel time, administration time and associated overheads.

Terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions

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