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© Historic England DP104224

Working in projects using MoRPHE

A free distance learning course to help you apply the MoRPHE project management approach to your projects.

On this page you will find all the resources required to complete the MoRPHE training; an introduction to self-guided reading, the MoRPHE workbook and the MoRPHE assessment test. Upon successful completion of the assessment you will be able to print a CPD certificate.

No previous experience is necessary. This introductory course will help you become familiar with the basics of managing a project using our approach. It covers the jargon used, the staged approach, the roles in a project and the key documents you will need to write. The distance learning course pack includes a copy of the MoRPHE Project Managers' Guide. It's suitable for staff working in all types of projects in the heritage sector.

Once you've completed the course, you'll have an opportunity to join an online community of those using the MoRPHE approach. Join up to stay in touch with developments, ask questions and promote your work.


To be effective, written advice and guidance documents, standards, desk instructions and manuals have to influence our thinking and affect our working practices. The knowledge of procedures and practice they contain has to come off the page and mess with your head! This guide will help you get the most out of reading the wide range of published advice and guidance available. 


This is the MoRPHE workbook. You can work through the workbook at your own pace, and at a location and time that suits you. You need to put time aside and you should allow three to four hours of uninterrupted work to complete the course, though this may be spread over several days. You should aim to complete the course within one month.


This link will take you to the online assessment which should take less than 30 minutes to finish. If you successfully complete the assessment you will be offered the opportunity to print your completion certificate. You will also be offered the opportunity to review your answers and retake the assessment.

Complete the Assessment

Further reading

This web page provides further information and resources relating to MoRPHE and Historic Environment Project Management.

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