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We are now running a series of webinars on specific themes in addition to our one off webinars: welcome to Historic England and the Institute of Historic Building Conservation’s pilot webinar series on taking proactive measures to address Heritage at Risk.

Historic England has a longstanding commitment to surveying and tackling heritage assets at risk of decline through our Heritage at Risk Register. As such we recognise that action to conserve the significance of heritage assets is sometimes necessary. Various enforcement and planning tools can reverse the decline of heritage assets in poor repair, or prevent their deterioration altogether.

Historic England supports local authorities that wish to take measures to address Heritage at Risk. Our Stopping the Rot guidance and training advises local authorities on taking enforcement action. These webinars share relevant success stories from local authorities that have engaged in such action with a positive outcome for heritage and the local authority, please book using the links below:

A detail of a neglected building showing damage to a window.
A detail of a neglected building. © Historic England, Alun Bull, image reference DP174348

Historic England is pleased to be working in partnership with the Institute of Historic Building Conservation on this pilot webinar series. The webinar success stories are drawn from the work of IHBC members, and IHBC also advocates the use of proactive measures to manage Heritage at Risk. IHBC has published guidance on the use of Listed Building Enforcement Notices to tackle unauthorised works to heritage assets, and following this up with Direct Action in the event of non-compliance. The author of both guidance notes, Bob Kindred, explains more about using Direct Action in the screencast below.

Watch Bob Kindred's screencast on Direct Action

Finally, Historic England is interested in partnering with other organisations to showcase examples of effective management in the historic environment. If your organisation would be interested in developing a similar webinar series, please get in touch at the email address below:

[email protected]

Thank you very much for your interest in and commitment to the historic environment. We hope you enjoy this training and find it useful.
Michael Guy
Head of Legal Services (English Heritage Trust) and Historic England Legal Advisor on Heritage at Risk.

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