Detail of damaged plasterwork ceiling moulding.
Damaged plasterwork at Morecambe Winter Gardens Lancashire. © Historic England (DP234048)
Damaged plasterwork at Morecambe Winter Gardens Lancashire. © Historic England (DP234048)

Technical Tuesdays: technical conservation webinars

These free weekly webinars, presented by Historic England's Technical Conservation Team, provide delegates with an in-depth look at a range of technical conservation topics.

To take part in our webinars or access webinar recordings we recommend that you use the Adobe Connect application which can be downloaded for Windows or Mac devices. If you are unable to install the Adobe application, you can use a web browser, however Internet Explorer does not support Adobe Connect webinars or recordings.

Historic England is an IHBC-recognised CPD provider, and participation in these webinar events may provide part of the compulsory CPD requirements of a full or associate IHBC member.

 Upcoming Technical Tuesdays webinars

Climate change adaptation: saving energy through daylight harvesting- 29 June 2021 

Daylight harvesting uses daylight to offset the amount of electric lighting needed to light a space, thereby reducing the energy consumed. Daylight harvesting uses lighting control systems that are able to dim or switch electric lighting in response to changing daylight availability.

The use of daylight to replace electric lighting can be difficult, if occupants experience glare they will close blinds or other window coverings to enable them to carry on their tasks comfortably. However certain periods of Historic buildings with shallower room depths and higher density of fenestration can perform very well in terms of harvesting daylight. Using the Historic England estate we have been able to undertake a daylight analysis of two of our buildings, modelling any shading and daylight linking controls to quantify how much energy we could save by harvesting the daylight and how to overcome some of the issues around nuisance glare.

Conservation Question Time - 6 July 2021

A chance to pose your questions on building conservation and climate change adaptation to a panel of specialists from Historic England and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings Technical Advice Line. Similar to Radio 4’s Gardner’s Question Time, Conservation Question Time should provide a lively debate on a range of topics.

We will try to address questions submitted by the delegates on the day, but the easiest way for us to deal with questions is if they are emailed in advance to arrive no later than 9 AM on Monday 28th June. You can email your questions (including photographs to illustrate the problem) in advance to [email protected]

Please entitle your email 'Conservation Question Time'. By submitting an email question you are agreeing that we can share any photos you supply with the webinar audience. We will not identify the address of buildings or sites.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that we will answer all questions submitted.

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