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Submission of images to is governed by these Terms and Conditions which contain important details, including what you and we can do with content; limits on our liability and responsibility; and how to make a complaint. You must register as a Registered User before being able to contribute and amend material via the Services.

  1. ‘Another England’ is organised and owned by Historic England, The Engine House, Fire Fly Avenue, Swindon SN2 2EH
  2. By uploading/submitting an image, the contributor warrants that they are the copyright owner of the image. The contributor agrees to indemnify the Promoter against all costs and claims by third parties arising from breach of this warranty.
  3. By submitting images via this website you confirm to the Historic England that each image:
    1. does not infringe the copyright or any other rights of any third party
    2. does not contain any obscene or defamatory content or material
    3. was taken after 1 January 1918 and before 31 December 2018
  4. Historic England is a non-departmental Government body dedicated to, championing and protecting England’s historic environment and supporting public understanding and enjoyment of historic places. Images submitted as part of ‘Another England’ may serve as key resources and in order for us to do this we need to be able to use your image(s) in certain ways:
    1. Contributors will retain copyright and moral rights in their submitted images. In all instances, the copyright holder will be credited, wherever practicable, when the image is used and published by Historic England and its sponsors. Although Historic England will always supply the correct information to third parties (for example to press / media), it cannot accept responsibility for any credit line errors or omissions by these parties.
    2. By submitting images, contributors grant Historic England a non-exclusive, irrevocable worldwide, royalty-free licence to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, and publish any image uploaded to the project website:
      1. in exhibition displays, in relation to the ‘Another England’ project exhibition and future Historic England exhibitions and displays (including as part of touring displays).
      2. in promotional, press, marketing materials, including social media, to promote and publicise the project and the work of Historic England, as well as future related exhibitions
      3. as part of Historic England’s educational programmes or digital media, in order to introduce and promote the understanding of astronomy to a wider audience.
      4. in any Historic England publications; these may be produced by Historic England, or under license to a third party (who reserves the right to further sub-license such publications) in all editions, languages, territories and media, for which you will receive a free copy of the first UK print edition that your image appears in (limited to one copy per entrant, regardless of the number of images).
      5. for brand licensed products (including but not limited to calendars and stationery) and merchandising for a period of ten years.
  5. Should images be selected for use by the press, submitted to news/picture agencies or media outlets by Historic England, the organiser will use best endeavours to contact copyright owners using contact details supplied upon image submission
  6. Contributors will not;
    1. email, transmit or otherwise disseminate any content (including, text, audio, video, photographs or other images) which is in breach of copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights; is defamatory, obscene, vulgar or indecent or may have the effect of being harassing, threatening, abusive or hateful or that otherwise degrades or intimidates an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age or disability; or that is illegal; transmit personal data regarding another user or other person without their express consent, including, without limitation, their email, address or other contact details that would enable another person to identify or contact them;
    2. act in any way that may lead to the encouragement, procurement or carrying out of any criminal activity;
    3. use them for any purpose other than your own non-commercial use or in accordance with the Terms and Conditions;
    4. impersonate any person or entity (including, but not limited to, any of our employees or representatives) nor falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity.
  7. Historic England is committed to processing information in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998. Images will be stored securely in appropriate file formats
  8. Any personal information of contributors will only be used and, where necessary, disclosed to third parties, for the purposes of running the ‘Another England’ project. You can request access to your personal data, or have any inaccuracies rectified, by sending an email to [email protected]
  9. Historic England reserves the right to withdraw or amend any or all of the content without notice at any time and will not be liable if for any reason if services unavailable at any time or for any period
  10. The Contributor agrees to notify Historic England immediately of any unauthorised use of your Password or User Name or any other breach of security of which you become aware.
  11. In making material available online the Historic England acts in good faith. However, despite these safeguards, we recognise that from time to time material published online may be in breach of copyright laws, contain sensitive personal data, or include content that may be regarded as obscene or defamatory. If you are concerned that you have found material on our website, for which you have not given permission, contravenes privacy laws, is obscene / defamatory and in terms of copyright law is not covered by a limitation or exception, please contact us in writing stating the your contact details, full details of the material concerned and direct url links to content, reason for your request, and /or proof of copyright ownership should this be in dispute.
  12. Historic England will acknowledge receipt of your complaint by email and will make an initial assessment of the validity and plausibility of the complaint. Upon receipt of a valid complaint the material will be temporarily removed from the website pending an agreed solution. Whereupon Historic England will contact the contributor who deposited the material, if relevant. The contributor will be notified that the material is subject to a complaint, under what grounds, and will be encouraged to assuage the complaints concerned. Subject to an agreed outcome, content will either therefore be replaced or permanently removed from the website.

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