Number 10: The Impact of Covid-19 on the Heritage Sector

This edition of Heritage Online Debate examines the impact on the heritage sector of Covid-19 and the associated restrictions.

At the beginning of 2020, it would have been hard to imagine the effects we've seen unfolding across the globe in the trail of the coronavirus pandemic. Since the beginning of the lockdown restrictions in March, the impact on our cultural and heritage sectors has been immediate and severe.

Heritage businesses, offices and attractions are closed. Events, projects and works cancelled or postponed. Many organisations face an uncertain future.

Alongside these challenges, there have been some opportunities. Many have adopted new ways of working, communicating with each other and supporting our communities and sector.

The contributors to this edition offer an array of viewpoints on the threats and opportunities we are facing. They also outline the support they believe is required to help the sector through the current crisis.

Guest editor: Kate Guest, Senior Policy Adviser, Policy and Evidence, Historic England

The inclusion or posting by Historic England of any article does not necessarily imply a recommendation or an endorsement by Historic England of the views expressed within them.

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