General view of Stonehenge
General view of Stonehenge © Historic England J940231
General view of Stonehenge © Historic England J940231


Stonehenge is the ultimate symbol of prehistoric achievement and one of the past's most enduring mysteries. It is one of Europe's most eminent prehistoric monuments, a fact recognised in 1986 when the site and its surrounding landscape was inscribed on the World Heritage List.

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Research into Stonehenge

A great deal of effort has gone into improving the conservation, management, and presentation of Stonehenge and its environs over the years. Our extensive survey and excavation work helps to improve our understanding of the site and its setting.

  • The Stonehenge World Heritage Site Mapping Project: Management Report
    This report details the key findings from the Stonehenge World Heritage Site National Mapping Project carried out by staff from the Aerial Survey & Investigation team of English Heritage (now Historic England) in the summer of 2001.

    See the management report

  • Stonehenge WHS - an archaeological research framework
    How does all the archaeological work carried out at Stonehenge over the last century or so fit together? And what should we do next?

    This volume carried out by English Heritage (now Historic England) sets out to provide an overview of achievements and a framework for future research at and around Stonehenge.

    See the research framework for Stonehenge

  • 'Restoring' Stonehenge 1881-1939
    Stonehenge was transformed considerably during the 20th century, the monument itself being subjected to more intervention and alteration from 1901 than at any time since the Bronze Age.

    This Research Report explores the circumstances surrounding three key episodes - the appearance in 1881 of some timber supports; the straightening and concreting of the massive Stone 56 in 1901; and the uncompleted 'reparations' of 1919-20.

    See 'Restoring' Stonehenge

Recent Research Reports

You can download all 20 reports from our recent research using our new interactive map of the Stonehenge landscape.

See our recent research on Stonehenge

Stonehenge: A303 Road Improvement Scheme

On 1 December 2014, the Government announced in its Autumn Statement that it would invest in a tunnel of at least 2.9 kilometres to remove much of the A303 road from the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. This would be a fully-bored tunnel. Historic England, English Heritage and National Trust welcomed this announcement. 

Government funding is in place and the project has been approved. The Transport Secretary’s announcement on 12 November 2020 follows a rigorous and detailed planning hearing in 2019, and there is now a six-week period which ends at Christmas in which the decisions may be challenged in the High Court.

Read Historic England statement: Stonehenge A303 Tunnel Scheme Approved

How the consented scheme can deliver a positive lasting legacy for the World Heritage Site

The List entry for Stonehenge

You can find out more about what makes this prehistoric monument so extraordinary by reading the entry for Stonehenge on the National Heritage List for England.

Read all about Stonehenge

Historic England has published a number of fascinating books about Stonehenge.

  • Stonehenge: The Story So Far (2nd edition 2017)
    The book charts the ways that Stonehenge has been visited, seen, explored and understood since medieval times. Giants, wizards, Druids, burials adorned with gold and the birth of archaeology all figure in this evolving story.

    Find out more about Stonehenge: The Story So Far

  • Historic England Research Magazine Issue 6, special edition (Summer 2017): Exploring the landscape of Stonehenge 
    The magazine focuses on how research by Historic England and others is continuing to enhance our understanding and appreciation of the Stonehenge landscape

    More about Exploring the landscape of Stonehenge
  • The Stonehenge Landscape (2015)
    This book presents the most significant findings from research by English Heritage (now Historic England) and shows how it integrates with the results of work carried out by colleagues in other research bodies.

    Find out more about The Stonehenge Landscape

  • Stonehenge: A History in Photographs (2014)
    Using images from Historic England's unique photographic archive, this book charts the last 150 years in the life of this extraordinary and iconic site.

    Find out more about Stonehenge: A History in Photographs

  • Stonehenge and Avebury Map (2013)
    This large scale map is ideal for walkers and others wanting to explore the fascinating landscape of Stonehenge and Avebury.

    Find out more about the Stonehenge and Avebury Map

Educational resources

Educational images

More than 40 photos of Stonehenge specially selected and re-captioned for teachers to use with their pupils.

Find educational images of Stonehenge

Stone Age to Iron Age timeline

An interactive timeline showing the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age with accompanying PowerPoint presentations and activity ideas.

Explore the Stone Age to Iron Age timeline

Images of Stonehenge

You can buy high quality images of Stonehenge from Historic England Images.

Historic images of Stonehenge

The Historic England Archive has an extensive collection of historic images of Stonehenge.

Next steps

To visit Stonehenge, see the English Heritage website for further details.

Find out how Stonehenge is managed as a World Heritage Site.

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