Oakham Castle Revealed

Years of careful planning at Oakham Castle in Rutland are now reaping their reward.

The remains of the curtain walls, dating to the 13th century, had been damaged by vegetation growth and required extensive repairs and consolidation. This work commenced in 2015 and is now well on the way to completion.

Stone wall with metal fencing in front of it
The walls of Oakham Castle cleared of damaging vegetation and under repair

Until recently it was almost lost from view, but now the castle and its historic significance as a seat of justice and administration can be fully appreciated.

The repairs are part of a wider programme of work by Rutland County Council, advised by us and grant-aided by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Work to the Great Hall has provided improved visitor and community facilities. Now this historic site is set to become an important heritage destination and valued amenity for the town of Oakham, capital of England's smallest county.

View through the trees of Oakham Castle
The inner bailey of Oakham Castle from the walls, with All Saints’ Church beyond

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