View of Ramsgate harbour
The harbour in Ramsgate. © Historic England Archive. DP114422.
The harbour in Ramsgate. © Historic England Archive. DP114422.

Ramsgate Gains Two More Listed Buildings

The former HSBC Bank and Stanley’s Goldsmiths shop in Ramsgate town centre have been listed at Grade II by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) on Historic England's advice.

Historic England reassessed Ramsgate’s key buildings as part of the High Street Heritage Action Zone and recommended these two be granted listed status.

A further four buildings in Harbour Street, which are already protected, will have their official entries updated on the National Heritage List for England to include a fuller description of their architectural and historic significance.

1 to 3 High Street was designed in a neoclassical style and built in 1921 for London Joint City and Midland Bank. HSBC most recently occupied it. As one of several purpose-built banks in the centre of Ramsgate in the decades either side of 1900, the building helps to convey the history of the town’s expansion.

6 Harbour Street, formerly Stanley’s Goldsmiths was probably constructed in the early-mid 19th century. It is an excellent example of a shop from this period, and its remodelling in the 1950s illustrates the evolution of high street retail architecture.

The High Street Heritage Action Zone gave us the opportunity to dig deeper into Harbour Street’s past and identity, and the buildings make it such a special place. Older buildings bring a sense of character to the town centre, and Ramsgate is certainly not short of character. We’d love you to add your story about Ramsgate’s historic buildings to the Missing Pieces Project; photos, videos, and memories are all welcome.

Sarah Gibson, Listing Team Leader Historic England

Ramsgate's historic buildings

There are now 451 listed buildings and structures in Ramsgate. These range from the stone ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ steps from Military Road up to Royal Parade built in 1826, to the 18th-century glasshouse within the King George VI Memorial Park.

You can search for your nearest listed building using the map function on the National Heritage List for England.

Historic England’s High Street Heritage Action Zone has helped us to highlight, and protect, Ramsgate's unique heritage. The listing of these heritage buildings safeguards the character of Ramsgate’s town centre. Their new status as listed buildings ensures that they will be protected and preserved in the future. Tourism is hugely important to Thanet’s economy and our heritage assets and the stories around them add to our appeal. This is great news not only for Ramsgate, but Thanet as a whole.

Cllr Rick Everitt, Leader Thanet District Council

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If you would like to find out more about Ramsgate’s rich architectural legacy, 'Ramsgate: the town and its seaside heritage' (Historic England, 2020) is available to download or purchase.