Wave Promenade, Ramsgate
Wave Promenade, Ramsgate © Historic England DP114425
Wave Promenade, Ramsgate © Historic England DP114425

Latest News from Ramsgate's Heritage Action Zone

Ramsgate was designated as a Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) in April of 2017 to encourage economic growth using the historic environment as a catalyst. Find out what's been happening as a result of the project:

Researching Ramsgate's history and heritage

Historic England has carried out a series of research projects that are helping the HAZ team to understand the history and heritage of Ramsgate.

Historic Landscape Characterisation Study

Historic England has assessed and mapped the patterns of historic character in Ramsgate. The project has shed light on the Neolithic, medieval, Georgian, Victorian, First World War and Second World War periods. As part of the project we also carried out geological and topographical surveys.

Historic Area Assessment and Informed Conservation publication

Geraint Franklin, a Historic England Investigator, has carried out research which culminated in the publication of a book on Ramsgate. The book was published in April 2020 as part of Historic England’s Informed Conservation series. The book is illustrated with over 100 new colour photographs and will include an architectural gazetteer and maps. The project will also include a historic area assessment, available online in Historic England’s Research Report Series.

Aerial investigation and analysis

Historic England’s aerial investigation team carried out a survey of the town. By analysing features such as cropmarks, prehistoric sites and military remains their work has contributed to our understanding of Ramsgate’s past.

Prehistoric Ramsgate

Historic England archaeologists have reviewed existing archaeological research to help better understand Ramsgate’s pre-history. Their work found exciting evidence of Neolithic causeway enclosure sites and Bronze Age barrows. By exploring the pre-history of Ramsgate, we are building up a picture of the town, and how it is shaped by its geography and topology.

Volunteers are carrying out character appraisals of Ramsgate’s conservation areas

Conservation areas enjoy special protection under the law as areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance. With support and training from Historic England, community volunteers are carrying out character appraisals for Ramsgate’s four conservation areas. The character appraisals, once complete, will help to inform the planning process of the importance of the conservation area, to help future development.

Rescuing Ramsgate’s rock gardens

The Ramsgate Coastal Community Team was successful in bidding for a £50,000 grant from the Coastal Revival Fund. The funding will go towards a condition survey and planting plan of Ramsgate’s nationally significant collection of Pulhamite rock gardens. Pulhamite is a simulated rock designed to replicate natural rock. The condition survey will make clear what repair works are needed to protect and conserve the rock gardens.

The HAZ will work with local volunteers the Friends of Albion Place Gardens who maintain the rock garden site. The HAZ hopes to develop the project further to establish a training programme for local volunteers and craftsmen to learn the skills to maintain and conserve the Pulhamite.

Heritage Schools in Ramsgate

The Heritage Schools Programme, funded by the Department for Education and run by Historic England, has been supporting Ramsgate schools to create learning experiences for pupils using local heritage.

As well as young people finding out more about the heritage in and around Ramsgate, the programme develops literacy, supports numeracy, and encourages young people to value and protect the heritage around them.

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