Children in a field removing turf from large stones

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Children from Stanton Drew Primary School working to remove turf from the stones

Children From Stanton Drew Help Maintain Their Local Standing Stones

In May, children from Stanton Drew Primary School, with help from volunteers from local archaeological societies were able to contribute to valuable maintenance around the standing stones in their village.

The landowner, Mr Young, kindly removed his cattle from the field then the children made the short walk from their school, armed with buckets, trowels and gloves and were welcomed by Winn Scutt, Properties Curator from English Heritage. He explained to the children the story of the stones and their significance locally and nationally.

One man standing behind drawing board in a field with another man standing at the side of it
Nick Hanks and Win Scutt explaining the story of the stones

In groups the children then chose one of the stones in the great circle and spent an hour carefully removing turf so that the stones became more visible.

To finish the morning, the children were entertained with folk tales relating to the stories of the stones in and around Stanton Drew told by Nick Hanks from Historic England.

Children from Stanton Drew Primary School with Win Scutt and Nick Hanks standing in a field
Children from Stanton Drew Primary School with Win Scutt and Nick Hanks in the South West circle

The whole morning gave the children the opportunity to learn about the history of the stones and to be actively engaged in their conservation so that they can continue to be enjoyed.

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