Training Opportunities Coming up in Yorkshire

We offer training on the historic environment through our Essentials Training Programme and Historic Environment Local Management (HELM) Training Programme.

Essentials Training Programme Courses

  • Setting in Practice
    Develop an understanding of how to evaluate the setting of heritage assets and the nature of impacts upon it.

For more information on Essentials Training Programme Courses contact the Training Delivery Officers on [email protected]  

HELM Training Programme

The HELM Training Programme offers training on the historic environment. Courses are free for Local Authority, regional and national organisations' staff.

  • Conservation Areas @ 50
    2017 is the 50th anniversary of the Civic Amenities Act that established conservation areas. The course will relate to a host of Historic England led activities designed to celebrate the anniversary.
    Thursday 28 September 2017, location and venue tbc.
  • The NPPF decoded
    A practical workshop aimed at encouraging the consistent and efficient delivery of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)
    Thursday 5 October 2017, location and venue tbc.
  • Understanding and Managing World Heritage Sites
    Develop a better understanding of UNESCO and the value it provides, an awareness and better knowledge of the World Heritage Convention and its relevance in England, the ability to implement, and fully appreciate the nomination process for World Heritage Status, and an understanding of the benefits and challenges arising from World Heritage status, including legislation surrounding the status.
    Tuesday 17 October 2017, location and venue tbc.
  • Heritage Economics and Understanding the Development Process
    Develop and Understanding of the risk associated with heritage specific development projects, an appreciation of the way in which development appraisals are carried out, a better understanding of the perspective of the developer and their processes when dealing with a historic development and the ability to place the value of heritage in the context of development.
    Thursday 1 February 2018, location and venue tbc.

For more information on any of the above courses contact the training delivery team on [email protected]

HELM Parks and Gardens training in Yorkshire
Out and about in Sheffield General Cemetery on the Management of Historic Parks, Gardens and Cemeteries HELM course

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