Sainsbury Centre, University of East Anglia

Sainsbury Centre, University of East Anglia © Historic England, James O. Davies Grade ll* listed
Sainsbury Centre, University of East Anglia © Historic England, James O. Davies Grade ll* listed

England’s Post-War Listed Buildings

New guide to over 500 of England's very best post-war buildings.

A new book on post-war listed buildings by Historic England's Elain Harwood and James O. Davies is published today. From Centre Point to Preston Bus Station and the Casbah Club to prefabs, 'England's Post-War Listed Buildings' features over 500 listed buildings in England along with telephone boxes, memorials and sculptures.

The book is a celebration of listed buildings - so the very best examples of each type - from a period when new thinking on architecture and social welfare transformed England's cities and towns. Each building is described in detail and illustrated by a striking photograph by Historic England's head of imaging, James O. Davies. All the buildings can be explored further by visiting the National Heritage List for England which sets out where their special architectural and historic interest lies.

England's Post-War Listed Buildings takes readers around the country, region by region, with descriptions and stunning photographs of the very best of our nation's post-war architecture, designed landscapes and art.

Oxford Road Station, Manchester
Oxford Road Station, Manchester © Historic England, James O. Davies

This fully updated and expanded edition contains numerous new entries arranged in an accessible, regional structure, as well as features on telephone boxes, landscapes, memorials and sculptures. Each entry is illustrated with photographs and includes information on architect, date of construction and listing grade date, as well as a detailed description of the site and what makes it unique.

It is published by Batsford and is available from

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