Historic England Objects to Chiswick Curve

  • Two towers proposed in Chiswick would have a serious impact on surrounding historic sites
  • Kew World Heritage Site, two highly graded parks & gardens and three Conservation  Areas among sites affected

Historic England has objected to proposals for a tall building at Chiswick Roundabout dubbed the “Chiswick Curve”.

We have advised Hounslow Council that the development would have a serious impact on a wide range of important historic sites, including Kew World Heritage Site, the Grade II* registered Gunnersbury Park, and three Conservation Areas.

We have warned that if the Council approves the scheme, we will request that Greg Clark, the Secretary of State for the Department for Communities and Local Government, call it in for his own determination.

The “Chiswick Curve” proposals are for two very tall towers which would be dramatically out of scale with the local area and clearly visible within the settings of some of West London’s most important historic spaces.

Kew World Heritage Site, which includes the rich cultural landscape of the Royal Botanic Gardens and 44 listed buildings, would be damaged by the intrusion of the towers. Elsewhere, the Grade II* registered Gunnersbury Park and Cemetery would be overshadowed by the building which would loom over this historic and commemorative space.

Three important Conservation Areas would be affected by the building which would dominate the skyline of Kew Green Conservation Area, undermining the intimacy and integrity of this quintessentially English village green.

The development would also damage views of the Strand on the Green Conservation Area, harming the tranquil river setting which is at the very heart of its special character.

Nigel Barker, London Planning Director for Historic England said: “This development is not only entirely at odds with the local character of Chiswick but would be an unwelcome and inappropriate intrusion into some of West London’s most cherished historic spaces and places. We have objected to the proposals for the affect they would have on a range of highly graded historic sites, including a World Heritage Site. But we also believe that the harm they would cause is unnecessary to regenerate the area. New development should enhance, not damage this area’s unique character.”

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