1-2 Broadgate

Historic England has assessed 1-2 Broadgate for a Certificate of Immunity against listing after a new application for a Certificate of Immunity (COI) for the buildings in the south-west corner of the development was submitted, following the expiry of a previous COI earlier this year. The building forms part of the Broadgate estate which is a large, phased office development in the City of London built in the mid-1980s, but partly redeveloped in recent years .

A Historic England spokesman said: “Although the Broadgate development designed by Peter Foggo of Arup Associates was a landmark project of the 1980s, showing considerable quality of design, it has now been diminished by a series of demolitions and alterations of important parts of the original scheme. When considered in isolation, 1-2 Broadgate does not represent one of the best or most important works by Peter Foggo. Its architectural interest was designed to form part of a larger piece of urban place-making and even though it has historic interest as the last unaltered fragment of Broadgate phases 1-4, it can’t convey the importance of the larger whole. After careful consideration we have recommended to DCMS that a COI should be issued and the Minister is minded to do so.”

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