Coventry City Centre

6 March 2018

“We have had several meetings with the Council over the past few months, most recently with the Leader and Chief Executive last week, to discuss future plans for Coventry city centre and we are very keen to work with them to achieve a positive outcome. Less than a year ago Historic England, Coventry City Council and other local partners signed an agreement for a programme of investment in heritage that specifically included a review of key post-war buildings in the city centre for listing.

Our role is to advise the Council. Our job is to focus on the long-term economic, cultural and social wellbeing of Coventry. We believe the redevelopment of the Upper Precinct is a great opportunity to use the wonderful architecture of the city to deliver real and lasting benefits for Coventry.

Great places have heritage and the history of local people at their core, and this helps them sustain cultural life and economic vitality. Today’s great placemakers know this, and they are looking after historic buildings and incorporating them into new schemes. This is what we want for Coventry.

Like the Council, we want to see a good scheme that does justice to the city and its heritage. We’re not asking for a hold on the regeneration programme as a whole, we are seeking a better solution for a small but very important part of one scheme. The reinvention of Coventry after the war and the vital role that its post-war architecture played in restoring pride and confidence in the city was a key feature of the City of Culture bid and we feel that the sensitive redevelopment of the Upper Precinct will help deliver on the potential of that bid.”

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