Holocaust Memorial, Victoria Tower Gardens

Following the public inquiry to determine the planning application for a Holocaust Memorial at Victoria Tower Gardens, The Minister of State for Housing has approved the application for planning permission.

As part of the decision making process, the Minister has weighed the harm to the historic Victoria Tower Gardens, the Grade II* listed Buxton Memorial, and the Westminster Abbey and Parliament Square Conservation Area, identified by us and other organisations, against the public benefits of the proposals. He has decided that the benefits outweigh the harm. His decision reflects the Planning Inspector’s, who recommended that the application should be approved. The final decision and the Planning Inspector’s advice can be found here.

We are fully in support of a UK Holocaust Memorial and whilst we advised that the proposals in this location would cause harm to the significance of these sensitive historic structures, we accept the Minister’s decision. We will continue to offer advice to Westminster City Council on this important site as needed. 

29 July 2021

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