Proposals for ‘Tulip’ tower, City of London

We are appearing at the public inquiry, which opened on Tuesday 3 November and is considering the proposed ‘Tulip’ tower in the City of London.

We have long been of the opinion that this would be the wrong building in the wrong place, principally because of its impact on the Tower of London. The Tower is one of the world’s great historic monuments; it has provided a stage for history for over 900 years and is central to our national story. Its significance is reflected in its multiple heritage designations – a World Heritage Site, a Scheduled Monument, numerous listed buildings and its location within a conservation area.

We consider that the proposal would be visually intrusive and highly incongruous from key viewpoints of the Tower, detracting from the experience of visiting the site for millions of tourists and local Londoners. It is our view that it would harm the extraordinary significance of the Tower of London World Heritage Site, and therefore the proposals run contrary to local and national planning policies. 

Unless the Planning Inspector considers that there is clear and convincing justification for the harm that this proposal would cause to the Tower of London World Heritage Site, with public benefits that clearly outweigh that harm, we believe that he should advise the Secretary of State to refuse planning permission.

2nd November 2020

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