Aerial view of buildings surrounding the Tower of London
© Historic England 35100_031
© Historic England 35100_031

‘Tulip’ Tower Rejected

Today, the plans to build the ‘Tulip’ tower in the City of London have been dismissed by the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

We have always opposed the proposal, mainly due to the impact it would have on the Tower of London, and so are pleased with this decision. We have long been of the opinion that the ‘Tulip’ would be visually intrusive and highly incongruous from key viewpoints of the Tower, detracting from the experience of visiting the site for millions of tourists and Londoners. It is also our view that it would harm the extraordinary significance of the Tower of London as a World Heritage Site, and therefore the proposals ran contrary to local and national planning policies.

We welcome this outcome, which will help to protect one of the world’s great historic monuments that has provided a stage for our shared history for over 900 years.