Archive image of Clifton Suspension Bridge in 1928

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Clifton Suspension Bridge in 1928. Reference: EPW022273 © Historic England Archive

Cumberland Basin, Bristol

Bristol City Council has opened up early engagement about future plans for Cumberland Basin in the city.

A Historic England spokesperson said: “The iconic Suspension Bridge is a Grade I listed structure and one of the defining images of Bristol. In particular, the stark transition from city to countryside created by the Avon Gorge is part of what makes the city so distinctive."

"We are aware of the current public consultation, which is seeking views on changes to the Cumberland Basin road system. The ideas are at an early stage and there is limited information available, but each of the options presented could have serious implications for this special historic place.

"We look forward to working with Bristol City Council to understand more about the vision for the Western Harbour, and to help ensure that any future development responds positively to this historic entrance to the city at the confluence of the Floating Harbour and New Cut.”

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