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How we promote equality and diversity

Historic England is working hard to improve diversity both in its workforce and in every aspect of the work we do. Our activities to promote equality and diversity will be reviewed annually by Executive Team and Commission.


  • Produce an Equality Scheme    
  • Produce a Diversity Action Plan which outlines our main priorities over the next two years. This replaces the previous workforce diversity action plan and covers a wider range of our activities
  • Manage equality action groups which bring Historic England departments and external advisors together
  • Work to ensure that our workforce becomes more diverse and representative including promoting opportunities for volunteering and training which are relevant to a wide range of people.
  • Work in partnership with external organisations, such as disability advocacy groups, black, Asian and minority ethnic heritage organisations, and faith networks, to ensure that we involve and consult people on issues that affect them
  • Make sure the stories we tell represent the diversity of this country. For example, we have produced digital resources on women's history, on disability history and crowd-sourced LGBTQ history and Black and Asian history projects
  • Make sure our information is accessible to everyone
  • Check our policies and activities are fair and inclusive through Equalities Impact Assessments. These are a simple set of procedures and guidelines and make sure we give full consideration to the impact of our work on people with different needs
  • Are committed to minimising the gender pay gap and our approach to pay seeks to reward all staff fairly, regardless of gender

Gender Pay Gap Report

Black and white photo taken across a factory floor with workers seated at work benches, including a man in the foreground seated in a wheelchair.

Next steps

We want to hear your suggestions about how to make Historic England and the historic environment more welcoming and appealing to everyone. Please email your suggestions to [email protected]. Or call Customer Services on: 0370 333 0607

If you would like any of this information in alternative formats: please contact Customer Services on the number above.

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