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Sleeping Angel, in a cemetery

National Cemeteries Week, 11 to 19 May 2019

The combination of architecture, sculpture, landscape, wildlife and poetry makes cemeteries like no other place in the historic environment. National Cemeteries Week raises awareness of volunteer groups who help keep local cemeteries tidy and safe.

Caring for cemeteries and burial grounds
The Jenner Hut, Berkeley, Gloucestershire

On 14 May 1796 Edward Jenner Discovered the Smallpox Vaccine

In a hut in the garden of his home, Edward Jenner scraped pus from cowpox blisters on the hands of a milkmaid who had caught the virus from a cow. He then used the pus to inoculate his gardener's eight-year-old son.

Birthplace of public health
HMS Falmouth at sea shortly after she was commissioned in September 1911

On 31 May 1916 the Battle of Jutland Took Place

During the greatest naval clash of the First World War, HMS Falmouth was the flagship from which Vice Admiral Trevylyan Napier commanded the Third Light Cruiser Squadron. Her wreck was rediscovered just off the Yorkshire coast in 1973.

HMS Falmouth

National Walking Month May 2019

Bring the history of London, Hull, Sheffield, Birmingham and Bristol neighbourhoods alive using photos from the Historic England Archive on our self-guided walking tours.

Walk local history
The Grandstand at the Sir Roger Bannister running track

On 6 May 1954 Roger Bannister Broke the Four Minute Mile

Roger Bannister became the first person to break the four minute mile at the former Iffley Road running track in Oxford.

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A hand-coloured slide showing an engraving of two men in a balloon flying over London

On 31 May 1882 Cecil Shadbolt Made His First Balloon Ascent

Cecil Shadbolt, photographer and balloonist, made his first balloon ascent over Alexandra Palace to take what was widely regarded as the world's first truly successful vertical photograph.

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The List

Nearly 400,000 of the most important historic places in England are listed. The List includes buildings, battlefields, monuments, parks, gardens, shipwrecks and more. Listing makes sure their value is protected.

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Glazed atrium of Murrays' Mill, Redhill Street, Ancoats, Manchester © Historic England DP058601