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Listing is the act of identifying the most important parts of our heritage so they can be protected by law. In listing historic buildings or sites we celebrate their significance and make sure that our history can be enjoyed by present and future generations.

The list of protected buildings or sites is known as The Heritage List (officially the National Heritage List for England or NHLE) it is the official and up to date record of all nationally protected historic buildings or sites in England.

This record is a searchable treasure trove of places that are special. It contains information on Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments, Registered Parks, Gardens and Battlefields and Protected Wreck Sites.  You can also share your own understanding and photos of the places you know.

  • Front view of the Former Central Electricity Board Building (The Pavilions).

    Latest Listings

    See some of the hundreds of historic treasures that we have protected through listing in the last year.

  • Woman walking past telephone kiosks in Cheltenham

    Search the List

    The National Heritage List for England (NHLE) is the only official and up-to-date database of all listed and designated heritage sites.

  • View of Egglestone Abbey Premonstratensian monastery.

    Enrich the List

    Add your knowledge and photos to our understanding of important historic sites. Your contribution could enrich The List for generations to come.

  • People sitting on benches with stone cottages in the background

    Get a Historic Site Listed

    Concerned about the future of a historic place you know and love? Find out how you can get it protected through listing.

  • Person walking passed urinals

    What is Listing?

    An overview of what listing is and why Historic England does it.

  • People seated on benches around flower beds in a park with a mausoleum in the background

    Listing Guidance

    Find out what we consider when recommending a building or site for listing.

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