Accessible Text Alternative for Wellbeing and Heritage Strategy Aims Venn Diagram

This is an accessible text-only alternative for a venn diagram depicting Wellbeing and Heritage Strategy Aims. The diagram comprises three intersecting circles showing how our work, our people and heritage potential cross over to create wellbeing person-centred heritage approaches at the centre.


Our work

Embed wellbeing outcomes and seek collaboration.

Our people

Develop capacity to build on opportunity and to innovate.

Heritage potential

Share knowledge and support sector in embedding wellbeing.

Overlap points

  • Between ‘our work ‘ and heritage potential’ : how heritage can help in promoting that potential.
  • Between ‘our work’ and ‘our people’: the organisation we want to be and our public value.
  • Between ‘our people’ and ‘heritage potential’: The difference we make and the social impact of our work.