A round barrow cemetery in the South East.
A round barrow cemetery in the South East
A round barrow cemetery in the South East

2008 Scheduled Monuments at Risk Surveys

In 1998 English Heritage (now Historic England) published a national 'Monuments at Risk Survey' (MARS).

This showed that since 1945, an average of one archaeological site had been destroyed every day. 

These losses include scheduled monuments – historic sites designated as being nationally important. As a follow up, English Heritage (now Historic England) undertook a more detailed assessment of the risks currently facing scheduled monuments in each region.

The results of the pilot survey for the East Midlands region were published in 2006 and the results for the other regions were published in 2008.

The survey had two main objectives:

  • to evaluate the condition, amenity value and setting of scheduled monuments in the region and the extent to which they are at risk 
  • to establish priorities for action and monument management.

You can view the results of each regional survey by downloading the documents below.

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