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What's on the Register?

The Register includes buildings, places of worship, monuments, parks and gardens, conservation areas, battlefields and wreck sites that are listed and have been assessed and found to be at risk. Of all listed buildings across England we assess:

  • Grade I
  • Grade II*
  • Grade II listed places of worship across England
  • Grade II listed buildings in London

Grade II listed buildings outside London, other than places of worship, are not included.

  • A view of decorated roof timbers at Grade II* listed Wythenshawe Hall, Manchester

    Selection Criteria

    What determines whether a site is included in the Register? Find out more about the criteria we use.

  • Interior close up of a decorated roof timber at the Grade II* listed 31 High Street, Droitwich Spa.

    Key to Terms and Abbreviations

    An explanation of the terms and abbreviations used in the Heritage at Risk Register.

  • Internal view of decorative stained glass window in the Grade II listed Pump Room, Buxton.

    Download a Regional Register

    Download a regional register for additional information about this year’s findings and what is being done to reduce risks in your area.

  • Woman walking past telephone kiosks in Cheltenham

    Search the List

    Search the only official list of protected historic sites. Use our map search to see which buildings or sites are protected.

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