Tower of former church of St Kea, Kea - Cornwall (UA)

Tower of former church of St Kea, now a ruin. The tower stands in a wooded valley beside the current church of St Kea and is a picturesque and imposing reminder of the first church. The tower has had some stabilisation work carried out to its pinnacles, and some ivy has been removed, however this well-meaning ivy removal may cause longer term damage due to joint loosening. The tower has no active use and may require additional stabilisation and/or repairs which, given the very small and occasional use of the nearby church, will be difficult to fund from existing resources.

Site Details

    Designated Site Name:
    Tower of Former Church of Saint Kea
    Heritage Category:
    Listed Building grade II*
    List Entry Number:
    Local Planning Authority:
    Cornwall (UA)
    Site Type:
    Religious ritual and funerary > Church


    Building Name:
    Tower of former church of St Kea
    Unitary Authority:
    Cornwall (UA)
    Parliamentary Constituency:
    Truro and Falmouth
    South West

Assessment Information

    Assessment Type:
    Building or structure
    Occupancy / Use:
    Vacant/not in use
    C - Slow decay; no solution agreed
    Religious organisation

Contact Details

Catherine Marlow 0117 975 0732