The East Boycott Pavilion, Stowe Landscape Garden, Stowe - Aylesbury Vale

One of a pair of large stone pavilions, circa 1728, by James Gibbs, altered by Borra in 1754 to change the steep pyramidal roofs to domes with cupolas. It now incorporates domestic accommodation, but was previously an open-sided belvedere. With its western twin, these pavilions straddle the Oxford Avenue, at the south west of The Course, which is the main approach to the house. Roof repairs needed and the cupola needs reinstating. Statutory consent has been given for the latter. The National Trust is in discussion with the Heritage Lottery Fund regarding funding for the necessary work.

The East Boycott Pavilion, Stowe Landscape Garden, Stowe - Aylesbury Vale
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Site Details

  • Designated Site Name: The Boycott Pavilions
  • Heritage Category: Listed Building grade I
  • List Entry Number: 1289656
  • Local Planning Authority: Aylesbury Vale
  • Site Type: Gardens parks and urban spaces > Garden building


  • Building Name: The East Boycott Pavilion
  • Locality: Stowe Landscape Garden
  • County: Buckinghamshire
  • District / Borough: Aylesbury Vale
  • Parish: Stowe
  • Parliamentary Constituency: Buckingham
  • Region: South East

Assessment Information

  • Assessment Type: Building or structure
  • Condition: Poor
  • Occupancy / Use: Part occupied/part in use
  • Priority: D - Slow decay; solution agreed but not yet implemented
  • Previous Priority: D
  • Ownership: Charity (heritage)
  • Designation: Listed Building grade I, RPG grade I, CA

Contact Details

Nicola Lauder 01483 252074

Next steps

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