Hammerhead Crane, Thetis Road, West Cowes, Cowes - Isle of Wight (UA)

Giant cantilever crane, also called 'hammerhead' crane, built 1911. One of a handful of this type of crane now surviving, and witness to a major local industry. Disused and surrounded by a potential development site. Historic England has been assisting the Local Authority with grant aid and technical advice. Essential holding repairs to the legs and upper structure have been undertaken under the auspices of an Urgent Works Notice. Historic England has offered a grant towards a feasibility study and will work closely with all stakeholders on the site to secure the full repair of the Crane.

Hammerhead Crane, Thetis Road, West Cowes, Cowes - Isle of Wight (UA)
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Site Details

  • Heritage Category: Listed Building grade II*
  • List Entry Number: 1390949
  • Local Planning Authority: Isle of Wight (UA)
  • Site Type: Transport > Lifting and winding structure


  • Building Name: Hammerhead Crane
  • Street Name: Thetis Road
  • Locality: West Cowes
  • Unitary Authority: Isle of Wight (UA)
  • Parish: Cowes
  • Parliamentary Constituency: Isle of Wight
  • Region: South East

Assessment Information

  • Assessment Type: Building or structure
  • Condition: Poor
  • Occupancy / Use: Vacant/not in use
  • Priority: A - Immediate risk of further rapid deterioration or loss of fabric; no solution agreed
  • Previous Priority: A
  • Ownership: Private

Contact Details

Robert Williams 01483 252042

Next steps

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